human voice watch

I don’t know if Kneehigh director Emma Rice has been reading Viola d’odio (or more particularly petemaskreplica’s tart comment to ‘the closest thing to a spurious comparison’), but it was gratifying to read her in today’s Guardian G2 Portrait of the Artist questionnaire

Is there an art form you don’t relate to? 

Opera. It’s a dreadful sound – it just doesn’t sound anything like the human voice.

Yes, I know I know (and I’ll have more to say soon on misunderstanding opera, not least by people who should know better), but you know what she meant…

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One Response to human voice watch

  1. Flissish says:

    Opera doesn’t sound like the human voice?
    No, I should think not: done well, it sounds like the human soul.

    Which, incidentally, is why all those instrumentalists ultimately aspire to sounding like the human voice.

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